Once a brick building is finished there is one final key step from your masonry contractors – any possible gaps and cracks are sealed and caulked to make sure unwanted moisture, airflow, insects, or anything else from outside doesn’t enter uninvited. This is an important step and just like how [...]

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Is there a recommended time for tuckpointing repairs?

Were you aware that your brick and masonry buildings’ mortar joints will deteriorate over the years? Overall, brick and masonry are incredibly low maintenance building materials and your masonry may last for 20 or 30 years prior to requiring repair. Nevertheless, harsh Illinois winters and other issues may reduce this [...]

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Common Issues of Focus During Chimney Masonry Repair

Here at YAROSLAV, we provide Chimney Masonry Repair Services in addition to standard chimney maintenance.  Spring and summer days are an excellent time to dedicate your attention to potential chimney repair you may require.  It is more challenging to work outdoors with mortar during the colder winter months.  Our chimney [...]

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