close up of bricklayer showing how to do masonry work

What Is Masonry?

When choosing a construction technique for a project, consider the materials that will be used. Masonry is a common construction method that can make buildings safe but also has limitations. Understanding masonry’s purpose and how its structure can benefit your property can help you select the best material for a [...]

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Why DIY Masonry Repair is not Recommended

The beauty and character of historic brick buildings represents part of the character and identity of the community or town where it is located. It represents their cultural history and is sometimes our only link to the past. Older masonry buildings are often prime examples of the artistry and skill [...]

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The Importance of a Lintel Explained

Lintel? That sounds like a type of soup, right? Actually, no. A lintel is in fact a crucial aspect of any house, but being so inconspicuous, most homeowners are barely aware of them. We shall discover the actual function of a lintel in this article. We will also cover your [...]

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Many reasons exist for homeowners to evaluate and and replace old windows and doors, particularly if you have skipped routine inspection and the seals in your home are old and already show signs of being worn. Below are 8 reasons why replacing your window seals ASAP is wise: 1. WATER [...]

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Upon the installation of a brick surface in your office, patio or balcony, walkway, driveway, or home itself, you might think that is the only thing you need to do. The installation is quite tedious on its own, it involves considerable work, time, and money, with optimum results that are [...]

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