Let's Talk About Chimney Tuckpointing by CRAFTSMEN

There are several benefits of getting a tuckpointing service at home. At Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry Chicago we believe it's a crucial service for your house to be at its best. So if you are a chimney owner, here is a list we created to show you some of the benefits you will get from getting a chimney tuckpointing service:

Your property value will instantly increase.
By chimney tuckpointing, you will save money, because you avoid the cost of getting a new chimney.
Restoring your masonry materials to their original condition
Prevent water or moisture from getting inside your chimney system causing structural damage or fungus.
The structural stability of your chimney will be restored

Our experts at Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry Chicago, are ready to help you and give you the best service in town.

Basics steps for tuckpointing a red chimney:
Dig the old mortar at a uniform depth.
Fill the holes with red mortar.
Then make grooves at the red mortar by cutting thin strips at the middle.
Fill these grooves with a mortar that matches the tone of the original mortar.