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Here at CRAFTSMEN, we possess many years of experience in the application of caulk. We are familiar with the proper manner in which to eliminate your old caulk without causing any window damage. We are also clear about the most efficient, best manner in which to apply new caulk and properly seal your windows.  In numerous senses, caulking is no different from our most recognized service, that of tuckpointing. Every one of our team members has vast experience and is well-trained. Do not bother trying to DIY window caulking. As a service that assists with the reduction of home air leakage, it also helps to reduce energy bills, contributes to draft reduction, and stops unwanted moisture from making its way into your home. We are familiar with the best manners of caulking application. The rates we offer for our service are incredibly affordable. Contact us if you are interested in our prices, materials, or process.

Important things you should know about window caulking Chicago

Our experts at Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry in Chicago have years of experience and they know how to keep your house in good shape. Today we would like to share some tips with you about caulking. It is a method used to help seal your house against water, preventing airflow and moisture that can be the major cause of mold. There are different caulking materials and the lifespan of a well-executed application can be from 10 to 20 years.

Caulking Advantages

At Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry in Chicago, we only work with the best quality products. Our experts have years of experience and are very confident in their technique.

Some of the caulking benefits are:
– Protection against mold
– Improve your heating and cooling electrical bill
– Sealing unwanted leaks decreases your carbon footprint

Window Caulking in Chicago

Seal and protect your home from any unwanted intrusion with the help of our contractors. At Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry in Chicago our masonry contractors are trained with the latest knowledge and equipped with the right tools to make sure your house is safe from any water or pest invasion. Our purpose is to get the job done right and achieve your satisfaction.

Caulking your home’s windows is a wise move to keep your home comfortable and making it energy conscious. Several caulk materials exist to seal your windows like polyurethane, acrylic latex, siliconized latex, and silicone. They will typically develop breaks or leaks at points of contact but they can be easily fixed.

Our team at Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry in Chicago is ready to help you with any advice you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When a waterproof sealant is used to seal cracks and gaps in the areas surrounding a window, window sealing is taking place. Sealing around exterior windows is a crucial part of protecting windows from the infiltration of water.  Additionally, sealing can keep undesired air from flowing through window frames and the windows themselves.

For use in exteriors, the best sealant is silicone exterior sealant as it is incredibly water-resistant and durable. Alternatively, you should utilize paintable sealant for use in sealing around interior windows.
There are a couple points to which attention should be paid if considering a DIY for the application of exterior window caulk. First, it is important to look for any sill, trim, and caulk that are broken. Next, be sure to use the appropriate tools to properly apply exterior caulk. Inadequately applied caulk will never function properly, it will look messy and be hard to remove. Make certain not to leave gaps as these would allow cold and water to make their way into your home.
Qualified, professional sealing services are an excellent option for protecting your home and windows from the cold, while sticking to your budget. A sealing expert is familiar with which signs to check for and where they may be. This professional will possess the proper technique and tools, ensuring your windows are properly weatherproofed ASAP. The resealing of exterior windows has a much lower cost than that of window replacement, saving you money in the long run!
In terms of window sealing, you need windows that can stand up to any weather at any time of year. Cold weather causes window seals to shrink while hot summer weather may cause the growth and swelling of window seals. Once this cycle repeats itself over numerous years, window seals will get cracked and brittle.