What does Chimney Repair involve?

Your chimney is an essential element of your property. You certainly appreciate the comfort and safety of your chimney if you use it often. Mortar and bricks are some of your property’s hardest workers supporting your heat source in wintertime as well as providing cleaner air by venting smoke out. Additionally, your chimney takes care of the release of gasses that have built-up which would invade your property otherwise. Chimney construction also helps with the prevention of weather and critters and weather causing any trouble.
Regrettably, the continuous wear and tear takes a toll on your chimney eventually. In properties more than 50 years old, mortar and brick deterioration is normal. Often, the regulations and codes under which these properties were built are incredibly outdated now.
Smoke and gas, though released through a chimney, may still leave behind a corrosive residue, triggering internal decay. Temperature and weather may cause crumbling and cracking in the exterior of your chimney, and if any rainwater becomes trapped, it could cause the situation to worsen as time passes. As wear and age begin to affect your chimney, you should request service from masonry contractors.

  • Brick Replacement: During this process, all old mortar is completely cleared from the chimney.  Next, the broken bricks are removed and brand-new bricks are installed to replace them.
  • Tuckpointing or Realignment: Tuckpointing, also referred to as realignment, involves the removal of deteriorated mortar followed by replacement with new mortar, a procedure intended for water absorption prevention..
  • Total Rebuild: In certain cases, masonry repair may be impossible for chimney mortar and bricks. For this reason we also provide complete new chimneys through total replacement.
  • Crown Repair: The crown on your chimney tends to endure more damage than other chimney components receive. Frequent, qualified repairs may be needed.

Caps for your chimney

Caps are very necessary because they protect your chimney from water, critters, and external factors. They can last up to 25 years, depending on the material. We recommend stainless steel or copper ones because they last longer. The main reason to install chimney caps is to reduce moisture in your home.

Tuckpointing for a Healthy Chimney

Tuckpointing is very important to keep your chimney in good shape and also to keep water away from the chimney system. It consists of the repairment of the mortar joints. Your chimney mortar joints get damaged with time causing cracks and water penetration which can lead to structural damage. Water can also cause fungus, moisture, or mold. Keep in mind mortar lasts about 25 years, but it can be affected by different conditions.

Chimney Dampers

Chimney dampers are used to open or seal your chimney from the outside elements when the fireplace is not in use. It's very important to keep it open if you are planning to use it but it must be closed when the chimney is not in use so your air conditioner or heating stays inside your house. It will also help you lower your electric bills. If you notice any odor or a high electric bill, you may need a replacement.

Chimney Rebuilds

if you notice your bricks and mortar are starting to feel loose or crumbling and popping out it may be time for a rebuild. It is important to call for our service at Craftsmen Masonry & Tuckpointing Chicago, so we can make a proper inspection and rule out a repair and start planning the rebuild. Depending on the extent of the damage it may consist of the entire chimney or just a portion of it. We recommend waterproofing to protect your investment and to preserve your chimeny’s structural integrity.

Indicators Your Chimney May Require Repaired or Rebuilding

We aim to keep you safe, as we do with any masonry repair or masonry work. Your possibilities of fire increase if your chimney has become damaged. Prior to a chimney fire, the chimney will likely produce an intense smell, a heat and smoke surplus, and various loud noises, including popping and cracking. You can save lives by identifying a fire prior to its occurrence.  Even better is completing masonry restoration, repair, or even replacement before there is even time for a spark to fly. 
Even when your chimney’s exterior is looking good, major issues may be festering inside it. Common chimney damage indicators include:

  • Damaged, crumbling, or cracked mortar joints.
  • If moisture enters your chimney, it can wear the bricks down, triggering rust, which could lead to cracks in the flue tiles. Your chimney is unable to correctly regulate heat unless flue tiles are in good condition.
  • Damaged wallpaper or paint near the chimney is yet another indicator of moisture damage.
  • You likely have spalling bricks if chunks of masonry are falling from your chimney. When water penetrates the masonry, it then expands and contracts along with freezing and thawing cycles. If not properly repaired, your whole chimney will eventually fall apart completely.
  • Cracked chimney crown or chimney flue caps, both of which work as the first line of defense to keep out water.

Chimney Repair Chicago, IL


The photo depicts an old deteriorated Chicago chimney with evident water damage and excessive use and wear causing the bricks to crumble, compromising the structural stability and safety.


Due to the compromised state of the chimney, we opted to embark on a complete restoration of the structure. The project entailed masonry work, and tuckpointing, resulting in a fully revitalized chimney.

Dependable, Safe Chimney Rebuilds & Repairs

If discovered earlier on, chimney issues may be repaired without ever having to rebuild your complete chimney. Your chimney may need to be rebuilt if it has suffered accumulated damage. For example, if you observe that your chimney seems to lean to one side, you can be almost certain that its structural integrity has been compromised somehow.
Not only are clean chimneys with proper maintenance not dangerous, they will not trigger house fires. One point of concern is that a lot of chimney damage is difficult to identify. For this reason it is essential to undergo annual chimney inspections. If you are thinking your chimney may have issues of some kind, our crew of experts is able to identify underlying issues, delivering the appropriate solution that is both affordable and efficient.
Craftsmen Masonry & Tuckpointing, a leader among tuckpointing companies, can perform the masonry repairs needed to ensure safe chimney operation, or can even build you a chimney from scratch. As winter rolls in with its chilly temps, a cozy fireplace is second to none for warmth and comfort. Let us ensure both your safety and your comfort through masonry repairs and masonry rebuilds you can trust.

Your Solution to Chimney Flashing Problems

Chimney flashing Chicago is an important component of any chimney, as it helps to prevent water from entering the home through the roof. Chimney flashing can experience wear and tear such as becoming loose, torn, rusted, or cracked.

Signs That Your Chimney Flashing Needs
Repair Or Replacement

Allow us to assess your flashing, we will determine whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. We can even create custom-fit flashing that is specifically designed to work with your particular chimney. Contact us for chimney repair Chicago services today.

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Make certain your chimney is in solid working condition and that the curb appeal of your home will draw in potential buyers through trusting in Craftsmen Masonry & Tuckpointing for any and all of your chimney and masonry repair needs throughout the area. No matter if you require tuckpointing or even a total chimney rebuild, please reach out to us today to schedule your complimentary on-site quote. We will gladly evaluate it for you!

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