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At some point, shelf angle or steel lintel replacement or repair will be necessary.  A lintel is the element above any masonry opening that supports masonry units from above.  Generally, a lintel is made of steel.  Throughout the years and in the absence of regular maintenance, the lintels may rust and decay.  The deteriorated lintel is then unable to support the heavy masonry load from above.  The steel lintel may slowly give way to the load, causing it to bend, resulting in cracks in the corner of the masonry opening.  If this lintel is not replaced with a new piece of steel in a timely manner, it will eventually fail, possibly triggering the collapse of the wall.

A rusting lintel will also expand, causing the brick to move out of place. The rust may even build up so much over time that it widens the joint and raises the brick out of its place.  No matter if the lintel is deteriorated to the point of inexistence or rusted to the point of causing problems, Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry can discuss the matter with you and inform you enough to make an appropriate decision regarding the masonry repair you may require.  Whether cracks are forming at the corners of door or window openings, the situation must be assessed by an expert. Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry are the only masonry contractors you need!

Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry has many years of industry experience with steel lintel replacement and lintel repair.  Go ahead and call us to receive our expert, professional advice for assuring your building is safe and sound.  City inspectors are known to give out lintel violations.  If your situation has already gone so far as to receiving a building violation, Craftsmen can assist with that as well.  Have no fear, Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry performs shelf angle and lintel repair frequently in the Chicago area.

If you are thinking, “Is there a steel lintel replacement company near me?”  Look no more.  As leading area masonry contractors, we can come to your project!  Perhaps you are concerned about the cost of steel lintel replacement and general masonry restoration?  Call us for your free estimate!  Let us be your go to lintel replacement and masonry contractors!

More info about lintel and shelf angles

If you were to inquire, you would discover that most people have no idea what a lintel is.  There is a good chance people will think it is a food-related item rather than one associated with masonry repair. Any masonry building owner will know that lintel replacement is an integral part of building maintenance as well as old building restoration.  In brick homes, you will find an angle iron (a piece of metal) above doors and windows.  This is a lintel, commonly referred to as an angle iron.  The piece of metal is the lintel and its sole purpose is to support the load of masonry that is above the window or door opening. As buildings age and settle, the building’s owner will inevitably contract an industry professional for lintel replacement.  This can be considerably more complicated when it comes to a condominium building, high rise, or apartment building repair job.  Although it appears as if bricks are resting on a window or door frame, actually the lintel is completing the structure as an essential element of all brick buildings.  High rise lintel replacement can occur more than 100 feet up and certainly requires a specific scaffolding system as well as someone without a fear of heights to carry out the lintel repair.  In this case, extra caution must be taken in the repair process.  Any element falling from the scaffolding or the building itself will travel a long way before it hits the ground.  Special care is crucial in all of these masonry repair situations, whether it be for an apartment building, a high-rise, or a condominium building.  Both the general public as well as the tenants and employees of the building must remain safe throughout the process.

The lintel is basically a shelf that bricks rest upon.  The issue is that, like the rest of the brick wall, the lintels are exposed to weather.  In many buildings, the lintel is less visible because it is covered with mortar.  In high-rise repair, the lintel may be so high up the wall no one will ever see it.  That being said, as it ages and corrodes, it may cause cracks through the entire wall which can allow moisture to seep in it.  Even a small crack in a brick wall can grow into a large one as the wall settles and changes over time.  For this reason, lintel replacement is common practice.
A corroded or broken lintel can put pressure on the wall from the inside as it freezes and expands throughout each season.  The taller your wall, the more probable the necessity of lintel replacement and masonry restoration.  Tall buildings often experience greater temperature variations than single story buildings do.  However, having a one-story building or home does not save you entirely from lintel repair and linter replacement.  Your average Joe typically finds this job quite complicated, make it easy on yourself and hire professional masonry contractors or tuckpointing contractors.

Your best bet for excellent results is through hiring experienced craftsmen and skilled masons to take care of it for you.  You should look for a company specializing in both lintel replacement and masonry repair.  By these means, you will have the best of both worlds, especially in a one-story building.  In high-rise buildings, naturally, certain issues may arise unexpectedly in any repair job. When you contact leading masonry contractors like Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry, we will discuss your needs and be certain of all infrastructure necessities prior to beginning work on your project. First we will determine repairs that ensure building safety/  Next we will address aesthetics to ensure your results are attractive to your standards.  Our professionals are experts in both the structural technicalities as well as the brick appearance. Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry is familiar with all legal and regulatory requirements for working on any building, from small single family houses to multifamily buildings to large high-rises.  We provide excellent customer service as well as punctuality, whether you require simple lintel replacement or masonry repairs or if you need complete masonry restoration for your wall.  Need lintel replacement?! Contact Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry Chicago today!

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What Are Differences Among Types Of Lintel Repairs

Brick & Masonry Lintels

Here at Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry Chicago we perform masonry lintel repair tasks through the use of helical bars, in order for the cementitious anchor grout to bind strongly with the masonry and thus create a single masonry beam.

Concrete lintels

It is important to check the concrete lintels to see if they are not showing horizontal cracks, since if this is the case, water can get into the cracks to the point of oxidizing the steel reinforcement and breaking the concrete. Therefore, it is necessary that you contact a professional (in this case, us) to carry out a respective cracked lintel repair or a replacement in extreme cases.

Metal Lintels

It is well known that metal lintels (including steel ones) can rust over time to the point of causing cracks in the render. Our contractors will be in charge of solving the problem through a lintel repair, which consists of applying a resin injection to the affected area to protect it and prevent further damage.

Timber Lintels

If your property has timber lintels, you need to keep a close eye as they are more prone to deteriorating faster due to extreme weather changes and boring wood beetles. So here at Craftsmen Tuckpointing & Masonry we take care of replacing them with helical spiral bars.

When Do You Need to Repair the Lintel?

When you identify cracks in your wall, you should find the cause of them as soon as possible. If those cracks on the top of the doors and windows show that the lintels are broken, it is a sign that a concrete lintel repair or even a lintel replacement is required.

How to Identify the Failed Lintels?

If you see vertical cracks appearing diagonally through the masonry wall or in the brickwork, as well as the lintels leaning down, it is a clear sign that the lintel is damaged. Since lintels can force the brickwork up and in, that can result in cracks in the masonry.
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