What Is Masonry Restoration? Our Contractors Explain

If you have an older building in Chicago, you are probably familiar with masonry repairs that focus on a small damaged part of the building, but when a building becomes older and potentially unsafe, complete masonry restoration of the building is required.

Masonry repairs help your building to last longer, but at some point even the best masonry Chicago will need a complete masonry restoration. However, this is nothing to dread, contracting our services for masonry restoration Chicago will not only help to improve the structure and safety of your building, but it will also increase its beauty and restore the elegance of the original brickwork. When done by professionals like us, your building will look incredible and last for generations to come.

Restoration is crucial to maintain the structural integrity of your building. Although masonry craftsmanship is one of the most reliable ways to build, bricks, mortar, and cement will weaken over time, making the building unsound and masonry restoration Chicago is necessary. Our experts follow a careful process for masonry restoration to bring new life to your building. First, we remove old worn out materials, then we replace them with materials that would match the original structure. For example, if your building once had bright red bricking, we will replace the old worn bricks with bricks matching the original ones, in all of their splendor. To revive your old building, call us at Craftsmen Masonry & Tuckpointing today.

CRAFTSMEN Masonry Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago Important things to consider before your mansory repair.

At Craftsmen Masonry & Tuckpointing Chicago we care about your renovation projects. That's why we always suggest it is very important to have them done by a professional to prevent any damage and to get all the value and benefits from your investment. Our professional masons will guide you through the whole project and offer their expert opinions while also guaranteeing the use of high-quality and durable construction materials. It's intensive labor that requires technique and attention to detail. To prevent damage while getting your masonry repair to avoid: If you're not a professional, avoid using power tools. Modern chemical additives can cause efflorescence. In order to get a proper joint, replacement mortar should be softer and more permeable than the original. If your property is older, don't use cement from hardware stores, they are often too strong and can cause damage.