10 Things You Should Know About Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is a restoration process for brick chimney walls found in homes, businesses, and even historic buildings. It is an economically effective method to restore a structure without the need to invest so much money in a complete reconstruction. Therefore, we will give you 10 facts about tuckpointing that you may not know.

1. It is a restoration method that has been used for many years and consists of using mortar that combines with the brick to provide a sharp line appearance and a clean mortar.

2. “Tuckpointing” is a short word for brick pointing and repointing.

3. This method was first used in England in the 1700s as a way to imitate newer styles of bricks that were cut to the same size after being fired. The old mortar was replaced with a new one of a similar color and a groove was created and filled with a mortar of a different color in order to give the old bricks a more formal appearance.

4. The process goes beyond replacing old mortars: it is a technique that creates clean lines that match the existing structure to make it look aesthetically like new.

5. The tuckpointing process is the best way to restore masonry in historic buildings, as it maintains the appearance of the original brickwork without the need to replace it.

6. Although bricks can withstand the ravages of time, the mortar that supports them cannot. Tuckpointing is the best way to restore them.

7. If done well, tuckpointing can last for decades.

8. Tuckpointing can be done in brickwork and masonry, regardless of their condition.

9. Tuckpointing can put a halt to deterioration of mortar.

10. Tuckpointing processes can dramatically increase the real estate value of your home at the time of sale.

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