Why does the lintel require repair?

Have you observed cracks above your doors or windows? If you have, it may be a disturbing sign that one of your lintels is failing and requires lintel repair or lintel replacement Chicago residents are familiar with.

Lintel replacement and repair

Structural support elements meant to carry the load from openings above other openings, like windows and doors, are called lintels. Lintels may be made of brick, steel, wood, stone and most often concrete with steel bars, depending on the age of any given property. Although the majority of lintels may last for decades, it is crucial to comprehend that the penetration of rain and moisture will affect any fabric eventually. So, if you observe any surface deterioration or indications of corrosion, cracks, it is always a good idea to consult a professional to find out if your lintels are still providing the support they are meant to.

Why do lintels fail?
Even though lintels are built using durable and strong materials, many will require repair and maintenance eventually. There are a variety of causes that may lessen the structural integrity of lintels and also make them begin to crack:

Unfavorable weather conditions and moisture affect the fabric of your property continually. As time passes, the materials utilized in lintels may start to corrode, expand and rot, naturally triggering cracks and the potential reduction of the strength of a lintel.

Changing groundwater levels and shifting ground levels may affect the foundation of a building. If the foundation of a building is in some way altered, the structural integrity of the wall above could possibly be lost. In cases like these, the lintel may be required to support more load than originally intended, which can trigger cracking eventually. These are not isolated cases and cracking throughout the wall may eventually be observed as well.

Assessment of lintel defects
Our property protection inspectors will examine the cause of the problem as well as its extent. We exclusively employ surveyors who are experienced and highly trained in every type of property and/or structural issues related to moisture. For this reason, our expert is capable of providing necessary remedial recommendations as well as a comprehensive estimate for the appropriate remedial work.

Lintel repair
In order to provide the best lintel repair Chicago has to offer for issues caused by numerous structural defects, like lintel failures, significant disruption is not required. We do our best to deliver repair solutions that are cost-effective and minimally disruptive as well as having little to no visual impact on your property’s exterior.

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