Once a brick building is finished there is one final key step from your masonry contractors – any possible gaps and cracks are sealed and caulked to make sure unwanted moisture, airflow, insects, or anything else from outside doesn’t enter uninvited. This is an important step and just like how routine tuckpointing is important for the well-being of your building so is touching up the caulking and sealing. Tuckpointing contractors in Chicago know this especially well since harsh winter weather and rainy summers can pose a lot of danger to your building if your sealing and caulking are poorly done or out of date. Caulking can be done on a huge range of surfaces to help create a flexible and durable bond that will help your building stand up to anything.
Caulking and sealing are important for windowsills, foundation lines, chimneys, decorative stones, and brick buildings, in general, There are many benefits to getting tuckpointing companies to help you maintain your caulk and sealant, including:

1. Better Energy Efficiency

One of the easiest ways to cut down on your energy bill and to reduce your carbon footprint is by properly sealing and caulking your home. Since caulking and sealant help to keep unwanted outside air out, it helps you to maintain a more comfortable air temperature inside without having to use so much heating, or air conditioning, depending on the season. Having your Chicago masonry contractor maintain your caulking and sealant is one of the most inexpensive and simple ways to make your home more energy-efficient.

2. Increased Comfort

Along the same lines as above, caulk and sealant will help to keep out unwanted cold breezes or that deep seeping summer heat, letting you enjoy your indoor space no matter the temperature. There is no need to move your favorite armchair from the window during the winter months if you have proper tuckpointing and caulking. We think you’ll be quite surprised by how much a little investment in proper sealing and caulking will make a huge difference in your comfort levels indoors.

3. Fights Mildew

Unwanted moisture entering through cracks and gaps in your walls can promote mold and mildew, threatening your home’s structure and even your health. Rooms like the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room are especially susceptible to this. The good news is, simply maintaining caulk and sealant can help to prevent this. Trust us when we tell you that a little investment now can save you from very costly mold and mildew removal down the road.

4. Keeps Insects Out

Gaps left from poor tuckpointing jobs or improper caulking and sealing are an open invitation for insects to find their way into your home. While sealing and caulk won’t keep out every critter, it will reduce the number that finds its way inside.

5. Improves Your Home’s Value

Last but not least, regular maintenance of caulk and sealant by local masonry contractors Chicago residents know they can trust, like Craftsmen Masonry & Tuckpointing, will help you improve the overall value of your home. The main way it does this is by maintaining structural integrity and aesthetics by preventing water damage as well as mold and mildew – a sturdy attractive home is an easily sellable one!
Protecting your home from the elements will help you to avoid repairs, and a home with a good track record of fewer repairs, and a record of properly maintained tuckpointing, caulking, and sealant is an attractive one to buyers.
Ask our tuckpointing contractors Chicago to help you with caulking and sealant on almost any surface you need it for, you will be glad that you did!

Count on the Professionals

If you feel drafts, notice moisture build-up, or just think it is time for caulk and sealant maintenance, get in touch with us so we can send some of the best masonry contractors Chicago has to offer for a consultation! We guarantee quality craftsmanship at affordable pricing so you can invest in your home’s future! Call our team for the caulking, sealant, and tuckpointing Chicago can count on!

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