Is there a recommended time for tuckpointing repairs?

Were you aware that your brick and masonry buildings’ mortar joints will deteriorate over the years? Overall, brick and masonry are incredibly low maintenance building materials and your masonry may last for 20 or 30 years prior to requiring repair. Nevertheless, harsh Illinois winters and other issues may reduce this timeframe significantly.

Why tuckpoint?
Moisture may leak into and through the masonry once the mortar between masonry has weakened. Over the years, this moisture may cause damage to the joints triggering their eventual deterioration. The frequent thawing and freezing conditions of the Illinois region cause masonry properties to be at higher failure risk. Tuckpointing is a reasonably simple solution in masonry restoration.

When to tuckpoint?
Although clearly tuckpointing sooner rather than later is the best choice, there are specific signs you can keep an eye out for in your masonry that indicate the necessity to have your building tuckpointed by masonry contractors.  Your building is a likely candidate for tuckpointing if you observe holes, cracks, gaps, cracks in the mortar joints, or a white substance on the face of the masonry. Making repairs in the masonry before further deterioration occurs and the cost of repairs increases is the best possible practice.

Ideal tuckpointing temperature?
In certain cases, the need for tuckpointing services is rather obvious. Cracks and other signs let us know that repairs are required.  One frequently encountered question regarding tuckpointing: do outdoor conditions and weather affect the tuckpointing process? The simplest response is both yes and no.
The optimum weather conditions for tuckpointing work occur with an air temperature anywhere between 40-90° F for 24 hours prior to the work and the 72 hours following the job. Ideally, no heavy rain nor heavy snow fall the previous day nor for many hours after the job has been completed.  The best time for these projects in the Chicago area is spring and fall.  February and December can potentially work as well but often have more extreme weather, which is unfavorable.

We provide outstanding quality.
When you hire our Team of tuckpointing contractors to repair or restore your home or historical property, you are guaranteed to receive high quality service. As a leader among tuckpointing companies, our jobs are supported by our satisfaction and service guarantees.

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