Common Issues of Focus During Chimney Masonry Repair

Here at YAROSLAV, we provide Chimney Masonry Repair Services in addition to standard chimney maintenance.  Spring and summer days are an excellent time to dedicate your attention to potential chimney repair you may require.  It is more challenging to work outdoors with mortar during the colder winter months.  Our chimney repair services in Chicago include, but are not limited to, chimney restoration, chimney tuckpointing, chimney repair, and waterproofing.
When performing a full chimney rebuild, old deteriorating brick is disposed of and replaced with fresh brick and mortar.  Not only does this process make your chimney more attractive, it also restores its structural integrity.  With chimney tuckpointing, we grind out the mortar between the bricks and replace it with new mortar.  This option works best when bricks remain in good condition and can save you a ton of money while preventing water leaks in your home.  The chimney waterproofing process involves the application of a professional-grade waterproofing product that prevents scaling, deterioration, spalling, and freeze-thaw damage while still allowing water vapors to escape.

Do You Require Chimney Repair?
Your chimney’s first line of defense against the elements comes from the bricks, whose primary job is to protect your chimney.  We recommend annual chimney inspection in order to make sure your chimney is safe and secure.  We also recommend chimney sweeping as necessary.  As a homeowner, it is crucial to be aware and alert, keeping an eye out for the following warning signs.

Signs that You Require Chimney Repair

Bricks Are a White Color
Efflorescence refers to the white stains on your bricks.  This is a sign that your bricks contain too much moisture.  The visible white color is due to water absorbed in the bricks, resulting in salt and other minerals rising to the bricks’ surface.  As most chimney issues result from moisture, it is wise to call professional masonry contractors who can address the problem before it converts in a much larger chimney repair expense.

Missing Mortar Between Bricks
Chimney tuckpointing is likely the solution you require when the mortar between your bricks has become to crumble and recede.  You normally first notice chimney deterioration in the mortar but this decay process can be slowed by quickly addressing the issue.  Weakened mortar joints may allow moisture into your chimney which can accelerate the deterioration.  If you notice any breakdown in your mortar, contact us to talk about possible chimney tuckpointing.
Crumbling Brick and Mortar
When you notice that your bricks are cracked and your brick and mortar have started to crumble, your chimney is likely suffering from spalling.  Spalling often causes the front face of the brick to pop off.  Water damage, old age, damage caused by severe weather, and subpar building g materials can all trigger spalling.  We recommend chimney replacement when your brick and mortar can no longer be repaired.
No matter what solution your masonry contractors recommend for your chimney, it is wise to apply waterproofing after repairs are finished.  At YAROSLAV, we use commercial-grade waterproofing which, once applied, will prevent water from penetrating your chimney but still allowing water vapors to exit and evaporate.  Basically, it will allow the water vapor to escape but will not trap water inside the bricks, causing internal damage.  Waterproofing is VOC compliant, matte, and an obvious option to protect your chimney and your investment.

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