What exactly is tuckpointing and why do I need It?

Tuckpointing Chicago residents require refers to the process of the removal of damaged or deteriorated mortar joints and their replacement with fresh, new mortar. For starters, it is necessary to grind out old mortar from between the existing bricks. The grinding generally takes place at a depth of approximately ½” to ¾” in order to be certain that all damaged debris and mortar has been eliminated.

New mortar is applied after the old mortar has been appropriately ground down and cleared away. It is important to color match the new mortar in order to ensure that the new mortar blends well with the existing brickwork in the best possible way. Mortar mix is mixed with water and hand-applied with grout bags, joiners, and trowels.

After new mortar has been applied, a masonry brush is used to remove the excess mortar followed by the new mortar being shaped through use of rakers and pointers, providing a visual effect that is clean. Once the mortar has dried, it is cleaned and washed to provide the brick structure with a proper and neat appearance.

Over time, the mortar joints on brickwork may crack, erode, or chip off as a result of weathering, excessive vibration,water penetration, or structural stress, making tuckpointing a process that is both crucial and necessary. Damaged or worn bricks and mortar joints are more likely to experience water and moisture penetration that can trigger additional damage and structural problems.
Grinding out and tuckpointing mortar joints that are damaged maintains and improves a brick fixture’s structural integrity as a relatively low-cost alternative to completely rebuilding a chimney or wall. The bricks and mortar will continue to crumble, causing structural integrity and personal safety issues, if a building or home has been neglected and cracks continue to spread.

Tuckpointing can settle numerous structural and aesthetic problems in the masonry Chicago residents love before they develop into incredibly unsafe or expensive issues. Tuckpointing is a repair that is cost-effective and should always be taken into consideration as a component of regular maintenance on all brick structures, buildings or homes.

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